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Coleman Gin, 1929. Located where the J. C. Sides shop was later built.

Coffeeville High graduating class, about 1937.

CHS 1949, fifth grade class.

Dr. Hilliard Elias Griffin

Sand Street. Corner of modern Front and Main at the old Benoist store and Courier office.

Margaret Armstrong and Ann Armstrong Sides

Ed Coleman, 1920's.

(Left to Right) Eldon Helm, Ethel Langham, Luther Langham, and Fannie Hamblett.


Al Price: "The couple on the right side is Luther Langham who married Fannie Hamblett to his left. The couple on the left is Ethel Langham who married Eldon Helm on her right. The Langham family were some of the first families to settle around Coffeeville. Rue and Eldon Helm came to Coffeeville around the turn of the 20th century from Kentucky first and then Tennessee. Eldon and Ethel Helm were my maternal grandparents."

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